Week 2 at Wild Futures

This week has been a crazy mix of fun and laughter at Wild Futures! On Monday evening after all of the jobs and routines had been completed we (Ashleigh, Kim and the men)   went down to the beach to have a fire and a few drinks to celebrate Levi’s birthday. Josh had been down on the beach collecting large amounts of firewood for a good chunk of the afternoon.  To get to the beach you have to trek down a very, very steep path, so steep in fact there are ropes tied to trees and bushes along the route as it becomes more like a mini abseil at times. We set up a fire using the already collected firewood and several huge pieces of tree and built it up, sat back and enjoyed a few drinks around the fire. Josh and Nick cooked bacon on the fire using sticks, and for a while bottles (which inevitably ended with an exploding bottle).   Heading back was more troublesome after a few drinks and in the pitch black with the use of torches, while also climbing and using the ropes but we all made it back relatively unscathed! The rest of the week was largely routine with cleaning out the monkeys and preparing the sanctuary ready for the open day and fun run on the 25th March. On Wednesday evening we  Last night was Josh, Levi and Nick’s last evening so we set up a huge party with most of the volunteers present along with Hollie and Tanya. The party inevitably ran into the early hours which made those on morning routines quite regretful in the morning but thankfully I was off!

I spent the first part of the day slowly getting ready and reading my book while also doing some research on primate conservation. I had already planned with Roxy to walk into Looe   later in the afternoon but it was also the day that Levi, Nick and Josh left the sanctuary so we all wanted to hang out a bit before they left. We all had some photographs as a group and said our goodbyes.

 The volunteer group. Left to right from top: Joshua, Kim, Vicki, Me, Maddie, Ashleigh, Roxy, Nick, Hollie, Levi and Josh. 

Once the guys had left, Roxy and I left for Looe taking the coastal path route. It took us about an hour and a half but only because we kept stopping to admire the awesome coastal views along the way. Once in Looe we had ice cream and chilled out until I left Roxy to return back to the Sanctuary where I inevitably got slightly lost trying to take a short cut across some fields using my GPS.


About paulreynolds87

I am the Wildlife Care Manager at Ensessakotteh in Ethiopia. I completed my first degree in BSc (Hons) Wildlife Conservation with Zoo Biology and then moved on to my MSc in Habitat Management and Conservation (Ecology).
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