How many Sharks are killed each year?


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I am the Wildlife Care Manager at Ensessakotteh in Ethiopia. I completed my first degree in BSc (Hons) Wildlife Conservation with Zoo Biology and then moved on to my MSc in Habitat Management and Conservation (Ecology).
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4 Responses to How many Sharks are killed each year?

  1. Bob Carling says:

    Hi Paul – I am the editor of Marine Scientist and we have just this month published an article about shark finning. It included pictures of shark fins being dried on the rooftops in Hong Kong…

  2. phil nichols says:

    What kind of sharks are included in the data? Are spiny dogfish included?

  3. Valerie Smith says:

    This should be a criminal offense. What can a lay person do to affect change?

  4. Greg says:

    Ever since I experienced my 1st Shark dive in Roatan last yr.I look at these beautiful creatures with more respect and beauty.
    It is sad to see such devistation.Jacque Cousteau is rolling over in his grave..As he was quoted saying,”We cherish what we love”. I hope we can save them from the fate of extinction…

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