Volunteers Urgently Needed

Volunteer at The Monkey Sanctuary, a project of Wild Futures (reg. charity no. 1102532). At The Monkey Sanctuary, we provide a life-long home to a group of woolly monkeys, and a growing number of rescued capuchin monkeys and Barbary macaques. As a volunteer you will help us to clean out monkey enclosures, prepare food and enrichment items for the monkeys, assist in activity and education workshops with young visitors to the Sanctuary, and help in our vegetarian café, as well as other maintenance tasks during the winter months. All the while you get the chance to observe 3 beautiful primate species in a tranquil Cornwall setting and make a real difference by helping us spread the message that primates live best in the wild and not as pets, as well as encouraging visitors to consider sustainable ways of living. We host volunteers in shared dormitories for 2-5 week placements all year round, and ask for a donation of £40 per week to help us cover the costs of food and accommodation. For more information please email Paul onPaul_Reynolds@wildfutures.org

We are in particular need over the next 2-3 months.


About paulreynolds87

I am the Wildlife Care Manager at Ensessakotteh in Ethiopia. I completed my first degree in BSc (Hons) Wildlife Conservation with Zoo Biology and then moved on to my MSc in Habitat Management and Conservation (Ecology).
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3 Responses to Volunteers Urgently Needed

  1. Barbara Cartagena da Silva Matos says:

    Hello! My name is Bárbara, and I’m a student of Biology from Portugal (University of Aveiro). Last year, I’ve studied the behavior and diet of woolly monkeys (Lagothrix cana) in Amazonia (Brazil), for 6 months. They were in an ex-situ location. To finnish my Bsc degree, I’d like very much to work with these woolly monkeys of yours. Is it possible to do that work, and also have some time to study them, their behaviour? I’m passionate about animal behaviour. Also, do you have accomodation for me for 3 months for 40£/week? I’ll wait for your reply, and thank you in advance!

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