Last few weeks

The last 2 months have been a really amazing and difficult experience for me. Settling into a new job and role is a challenge at the best of times, let alone trying to settle into a new country, culture and way of life.


My career experience to date has mostly been primate based alongside the native wildlife of the UK so it has been really interesting to start gaining experience with new species such as lion and cheetah.

The first few weeks were a challenge with the predictable adjustment to the bacteria and viruses here and ended up having to go to a clinic to find out I had simultaneously got bacterial infections in my bowels and chest! Having lost 6 kg in 3 weeks I was feeling pretty dreadful but a course of antibiotics later and I was back to normal and fighting strong.


I am currently looking after a young owl that was found in Addis in someone’s back garden and we are actually sharing a room in the city as there aren’t any other options away from the sanctuary itself. I will update about this with some photographs soon.



About paulreynolds87

I am the Wildlife Care Manager at Ensessakotteh in Ethiopia. I completed my first degree in BSc (Hons) Wildlife Conservation with Zoo Biology and then moved on to my MSc in Habitat Management and Conservation (Ecology).
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