Why I want conserve flora and fauna

My name is Paul Reynolds and I have just finished my MSc in Habitat management and conservation at Staffordshire University, UK. My interest in wildlife conservation began in early childhood, with trips to zoos and sanctuaries, wildlife documentaries and walks in the beautiful English countryside.

This interest grew as I got older and could understand the world around me to a greater degree. I was originally aiming to train as a doctor, even though my real passion was for wildlife conservation, however, during my A-levels I began to research options for a university degree in wildlife conservation and found myself signing up for a BSc (Hons) in wildlife conservation and zoo biology. It was during my first degree that my academic knowledge of wildlife conservation grew rapidly and along with it, a greater passion to dedicate my life to helping conserve the magnificent flora and fauna of this world. I also developed an interest in wildlife photography which I continue to pursue in my spare time.

The greatest threats to wildlife and habitat conservation the world over are as a direct result of human activities, from the overexploitation of resources to anthropogenic climate change. I believe that education the world over in the principles of wildlife conservation and the physical protection of important biodiversity hotspots are essential for a future where humans remain a part of this planet.

Working with nature rather than against it is the only way that mankind can combat some of our own threats to survival, such as food security, energy production and medicinal research. One of the greatest misconceptions facing the human world is one by which humans are separate from animals and thus the natural world around us. This is simply not true, we are part of the kingdom animalia (along with all other animals on earth) and within the order of primates (along with all apes, monkeys and prosimians). Ultimately what happens in the natural world directly affects us as a species and thus we all have an obligation to work to protect this planet, not just for other wildlife, but for our species very survival. This is why I want to work to save the flora and fauna on our wonderful planet.

(This statement was originally written as a guest blog entry on Nikela http://www.nikela.org/conservation/why-i-want-to-save-wildlife-paul-michael-reynolds)

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